Freeze Dryer Components
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Microprocessor controls offer a back lit display
and industrial tested microprocessor, freeze drying
Display parameters include vacuum, condenser
temperature, run time, ambient temperature, and
even displays when to maintain your vacuum pump

PLC controls and a PC are for programming and
data collection.  Usually found on larger freeze
drying units, this software provides automatic
freeze-drying, defrost, and system test. Data can
be printed either numerically or graphically. This
same control system can be used on industrial
dryers, allowing scaling to production. An
interactive maintenance screen simplifies
component servicing.
Shelves can either come with or without
temperature controls.  Temperature controlled
shelves are  hollow, fluid filled shelves that can be
regulated for better product freezing.  This ensures
temperature uniformity.  Non temperature controlled
shelves do not guarantee equal temperature within
the chamber for all samples.  This type of shelving is
Bulk style shelves are immobile.  They are mostly
used for tray applications.
Stoppering shelves have the capability of moving
once the freeze drying process is complete in order
to stopper the vials.
Internal condensers are less expensive that external
condensers because they are part of the sample chamber.  
This produces a greater vapor flow.  However, this type of
condenser could cause the reconstitution of samples
during the drying process.
External condensers are more expensive because they
have there own chamber.  It is separate from the sampling
chamber.  In the correct configuration, there should be no
vapor control issues.  This type of condenser can be
isolated from the drying chamber with the use of an
isolation valve.  This further prohibits and vapor from
re-entering the drying chamber.   
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Internal condenser
(in product chamber)
External condenser
(separate from the product
Temperature controlled
bulk style shelving
Temperature controlled
stoppering shelves
Stoppering shelves
in the compressed
Bench top freeze
dryer style Manifold
12-48 Ports for
Manifold Freeze Dryer
12-24 Port Manifold to be
added to shelf style units
for flask drying
Manifolds allow larger glassware (flasks) to
be dried independent of the shelving
units(when applicable). Flasks can be added
and removed independently.  The heat from
the room is the energy used to drive off
moisture.   Most bench-top style units are
manifold only.  Larger, shelf units, offer
manifolds as options for drying large volume
Microprocessor Controls